Who Authorized “Ordaining Anyone Who Will”?

“It is written,man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” . ~Matthew 4:4

This book that you hold in your hands is the results of efforts by several scholars. While I have written most of the copy and compiled ideas from my files of what others have written, this is solely for the purpose of helping the reader to gain a grand overview of this vital topic and to see its importance in the church today.
Some want us to believe that the one who is ordained is not an important issue. However, the Bible labels it as a fundamental doctrine of Christ and God places a death sentence on any who are involved in it. That would seem to make a person believe that this subject is important.
Our Savior warned us about being deceived in the last days. This warning does not seem to have made much of an impact on too many Christians today. Why do I say this?
Well, because Satan has taken his very first deception, the one he used very successfully in heaven, the one he used to deceive the first pair in Eden; and has used it very successfully for some several thousand years, and is still using it to deceive, “if possible even the very elect.” He has polished it up and people are still falling for it as well as they did when he first used it in heaven. No wonder he continues to use it, it has worked so successfully in the past, why not use it again?
What is that deception? That God has not been fair and that He is withholding something that would be a benefit to us. And if we go our way, that we can do God’s work better than by following His instructions.


It brings to memory a little tease that I have used from time to time. Some friends of ours, yes they are still friends, invited us to their home. The wife is a good cook and one dish was especially delicious. So, I went to the kitchen and quietly told her that the dish had a “musty taste” to it. She reacted in horror, until I added; “it tasted like I ‘musty’ have some more.” She laughed and was glad that I liked it.
Well, fast forward a number of years, to a similar situation, however the same lady, only this time she became very irate. Actually, I had forgotten about the previous incident. I apologized, but she replied; “Oh, I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at myself for falling for the same thing twice.” At least she was honest.

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