The Gospel

“It is written,man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” . ~Matthew 4:4

The word “Gospel,” literally means: “Good News.” The gospel that the Bible presents is simple enough to be contained in one sentence, yet profound enough to occupy one’s study time for all of their life. Or as another has said: “The gospel is simply wonderful and wonderfully simple.” This is very true.

So too, this section of this web site will be where you can find the simple presentation of the gospel as well as being able to plum its depths in the various subjects that will be added from time to time as time permits.

But, for now, let’s just look at the simple explaination. The entire Gospel of the Bible can be summed up in one word: “Love.” That is God’s love, agapeo love. However, since few people can fathom even the simpliest aspects of divine love, let’s look at another way to discover it.

The Good news that Jesus came to share with mankind is simple this. “God will do for you what it is impossible for you to do for yourself.” That is the sum and substance of the gospel. However, even this simple statement of the gospel needs some explaination. In order to understand the answer, one must have a clear idea as to what the problem is.

When God created this earth, He made it perfect. He turned it over to humans to rule over. This idea of “rulling” is not the same as we understand it today. It was to be a loving, caring, protection of nature and the assets of this world. However, there is another supernatural being who wants to be known as god and he craves our worship. So, Satan did all he could to get the first woman, Eve, to do what he told her to do. As a result, she became one of his family. When Adam made the same choice, he too fell under Satan’s control and became a slave of Satan.

So the very first need that mankind found themselves needing was emacipation from Satan so they could become the person God created them to be. However, it is impossible for humans to escape from Satan’s control and therefore he needs an outside help. When Jesus came, He made a way for mankind to escape from slavery to Satan. Thus God did for mankind what it is impossible for him to do on his own.

This is only the very simplist level, more will be added later. But remember, the Gospel is wonderfully simple and simply wonderful. I hope that we can explore more of it’s depths again.

Maranatha :)

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