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“It is written,man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” . ~Matthew 4:4

Before going any further into this topic, the following disclaimer must be made. Nothing in this information is unique to myself. All I have attempted to do here is to pull together information that has come to my attention over the years and which I believe to be reliable. However, nothing any human can do is perfect. Even in a “perfect mess” there is usually something of order. Also, since truth is a journey, not a destination, there is no claim at all made that this material is without flaw or that there is nothing more that can be said on the subject. That is not even close to my goal. All that is focused on is to draw together information for the reader to build on and to the best of my ability and Time, to present it as accurately as possible. Others too have helped compile this over the years. People who’s names have long since passed from. my memory. So, if something is good, it is what they have contributed. If you find things that are wrong, then either it is my fault or it is a situation where growth has not covered that area yet. Whatever, as we all work together and seek to make this a valuable tool instead of attempting to discover an error, then we will all benefit and grow together.
The books of Daniel and Revelation, while not the only prophetic books in the Bible, are the most popular ones. Some of the symbols found in their pages have sparked the imagination of millions. From. multi-headed beast, stars falling from. heaven, messages to churches, Time prophecies; one that spans over 2,000r 2,000
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years and another that spans 1,000 years. “Souls under an Altar,” slain lambs, dragons and a lake of fire, not to overlook a two horned buffalo and a loose woman riding a leopard-like beast.
These are just some of the symbols that probably have as many interpretations as there are scholars and speculators who have read these two books. Possibly the most enigmatic symbol of all is the number “666,” that has been applied, in turn, to the Pope in Rome, to a computer in Belgium, To Ellen G. White, to the bar code we see on virtually every product in the stores today, to credit cards and the list goes on and on.
However, God did not give us these symbols to be a trigger to activate our imaginations. Rather, God used symbols that He had given previously, in the Bible, whose meanings were known by Daniel and John. There is no interpretation of any of the apocalyptic symbols that can be considered accurate; unless the previous uses in the Bible of that symbol are considered first. In this way, the Bible is allowed to establish the interpretation of the symbol and wild speculation is set aside.

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