Basic Christianity

“It is written,man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” . ~Matthew 4:4

The desire to study God’s word is the most important desire a person can have. Within its pages, a person can find everything necessary for a fulfilling life here on this earth plus information on how to have eternal life. The Bible is the world’s most popular book. Millions of people have found hope, strength, comfort, peace, direction for their lives and yes, words of correction and admonition to correct their behavior and thinking. You too can grow as many before you have grown through a regular earnest, study of God’s word

Many of us, who were born into Christian homes, came to regard a Christian in some very unfortunate ways. The author of this set of studies was one of those. Many of these people, later in life, still wanting to be a Christian but seeing that their old approach just was not working, have gone to opposite extremes. After they find that these extremes do not work either, they have a tendency to just give up and float along with the crowd.However, there is a very important principle in Christianity. It is:

“A Christian can never go to any extreme, except in their allegiance and submission to God.”

This can be the sum and substance of this examination of what the Bible describes a Christian to be. One who avoids the extremes, but is deeply in love with their Savior.

The series of subject examined here were selected in order to discover the very basics of what it means to be a Bible Christian. Unique doctrines of various Christian groups are not addressed here, except some that bear on these basics. This is not a catechism of any given church, other then the universal Church of God. Rather it is an attempt to examine those things that we are all sure that we know already.

So, if your Christian experience is all fine and dandy, either you have already discovered these principles, or you may not really realize just where you are in relationship with God. A comment a number have made is:

“If I had only known this information much earlier, my Christian walk would have been much easier.”

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